pioneertracks 2011

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Some completed adventures include:




Untitled.png2010 : Gourmet Raid Australia, experiencing Tasmania.


Poronkusema-image-250.gif2009 : Raid Poronkusema, a winter raid above the arctic circle incorporating Finland and Norway.





raid2008 logo.jpg2008: Organised Raid Australia 2008 then led 118 people from 16 countries travelling in 54 Citroen A Series vehicles, supported by three four wheel drive vehicles travelling over 5000km through the Aboriginal Lands, Deserts, Pastoral Leases and stock routes of Western Australia to be 'exposed to a range of Australian country, people, culture and art' in Raid Australia 2008, over a period of 28 days during August and September 2008.

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2007: Organised and surveyed Raid Australia 2008.

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image021.jpg2006: Walked a 1600km pilgrimage across France and Spain.

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DCIM0095.JPG2006: Travelled solo across Australia on a Velosolex.


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IMGP0282.JPG2005: Crossed the Sahara in a Citroen 2CV through Tunisia, Algeria, Niger and Benin.

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